Monark 125 ISDT

The bike is a 1973 model


Made 1973-08-17 for France

                                                                It was in the french team for the ISDT 1973 in Dalton USA.
                                                The french team was: Samofal, Huguet, Queirel, Rayer, Figureau, Coutard most were ridding Monark bikes.
                                                The name of the pilot for my bike is un-known.The manager of the team was Daniel Brunet.

                                                In 1974 the bike was ridden by Daniel Brunet in the french enduro championship. He finished 3rd in 125 class.
                                                In 1975 he sold the bike to a guy who kept it until he sold it to me in may 2002.

                                                On the photo you can see some special modifications made the french team:
                                                The exhaust pipe and seat. The air fabric was replaced by aluminium sheet box.


You can also see the label for technical control in the USA ISDT:

This is all I know about the bike.

More photos of the bike